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ESET NOD32 AntiVirus Home/SOHO Edition 1 User
ESET NOD32 AntiVirus Home/SOHO Edition Retail Box 1 year

Nod32 is far and away the most effective virus scanner package on the planet. Not only does it consume far less system resources than other virus scanners such as Norton or Mcafee, it also has won countless awards and places far ahead of any other package in terms of threat detection, and virus removal.

The Nod32 package consists of several parts. These are:

Antivirus MONitor (AMON)
An on-access (memory-resident) scanner, which automatically scans files before they're accessed.

An on-demand scanner, which can be run manually on specific files or disk segments. It can also be scheduled to run during off-peak times.

Internet MONitor (IMON)
A memory-resident scanner that runs on the Winsock level to prevent infected files from reaching the computer's disks. Its scans internet web browsing traffic (HTTP) and incoming e-mail via the POP3 protocol.

E-mail MONitor (EMON)
An auxiliary module for scanning incoming/outgoing e-mails via the MAPI interface, such as Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Exchange.

Document MONitor (DMON)
Utilizes the proprietary Microsoft API for scanning Microsoft Office documents (including Internet Explorer).
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ESET Multi-Device Home Pack 1 Year license
ESET Multi-Device Security 5-Pack -ESET Multi-Device Security Protect any combination of up to 5 devices. PCs Macs Android smartphones and Android tablets.

Supplier Stock $119.95

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