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I have found that my notebook was running better after you made some minor adjustments, the work was tackled in a professional, friendly manner. Having known Jarod for some time I know him to be a very competent person, it is I who is the disabled one.
I would point out that if you are running your business from home that another room in the house be made available for your use or a sleepout outside be set up as an office, bedrooms are not such a good image to other clientele.


Testimonial 2


Super quick and friendly service with an excellent knowledge of computers – Jarod had my computer back to me within 24hrs which I was very grateful for with it being a  vital part of my business. The computer now runs like a dream – thanks so much!

Janine Ready

Testimonial 3


Thanks for all of your help and assistance with the service on the 'dell desktop'. It is now much cleaner and faster.
You were very helpful and offered sound advice.
David Tyney


Testimonial 4


Jarod helped with setting up our new computer onto broadband.  He was an excellent 'sounding board' both at home and over the phone and offered great advice in easy to understand English (helpful for us technically challenged people!).  Thanks for all your help Jarod and we will keep in touch.

Catherine Harborne


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